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An invitation to be part of an exciting future

We are taking Surf Coast Football Club to a new level. With more enthusiasm and motivation than ever before, we are firmly focused on a successful season ahead. Under the leadership and vision of world-class leaders and coaches, and injected with young talent moving up through the club, we are excited about the coming year. A fantastic mix of old and new members, passionate about the future of the club and the game within our community, boosts the unity and bond found at Surf Coast FC. Thus, event planning is well underway, with a diverse range of opportunities for brand exposure across all levels.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to join us as we take the Surf Coast FC to another level.



A simple answer - because we go out of our way to assist our sponsors in reaching their business objectives.


Our partnership strategy is based on the belief that strong professional and social networks that grow your business, are far more valuable than the short-term opportunities that limit business involvement to a single year. We encourage our sponsors to actively work with us to make their sponsorship work for them. That’s the way successful long-term partnerships are built, and that’s the only kind of partnership we are looking for. In return we have an active database with more than 500 local current players who are always looking for better options when it comes to professional services such as yours. If you include our close ties with past members and current junior parents, then our reach each week via eNewsletters, Facebook and Instagram is well over 2,000 stakeholders.

Sponsor Opportunities

For further information on opportunities and more detail on packages available, please email our club at

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