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ALDI MiniRoos is designed for children of all abilities, aged 4 – 9 years. The nation-wide initiative offered here at Surf Coast FC uses short, game-based sessions to introduce the sport of football to newcomers in an inclusive way.

It focuses on learning new skills, being active, making life-long friends and, potentially, unearthing the next generation of winning Socceroos or Matildas.

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What is it?

An introduction program with short gamed-based sessions.

Who is it for?

Boys and Girls aged 4-9yo who are beginning and developing their skills and passion for the game.

When is it played?

  • Winter season – March to August – 6 to 20 session program

  • Post-season – October to December – 6-12 session program

  • Pre-season – January to March – 6-12 session program

What does it look like?

  • 45 minute sessions

  • 1 coach per 10 participants

  • Modified games and activities to introduce children to football

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