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Surf Coast Football Club becomes a Coerver Partner Club

SCFC are very pleased to announce we have signed a 2-year agreement with Coerver to become a Coerver Partner Club.

This will enable us (through our 2024 coaches) to leverage the extensive Coerver c

oaching training catalog, to have weekly support from trained Coerver coaches and to deliver coach training and development.

We are excited to see this level of professionalism coming into the club and can’t wait to see the growth in young players in 2024 and to strengthen the future of our club.

Being a Coerver Partner Club will deliver our club:

  • A tried and tested approach to player development that is specific to the skills, experience and expectations of each player and team (from u7 to u17)

  • Weekly training planning and coaching support to our 2024 coaches

  • A tangible and repeatable focus on player development and a great show of our commitment to our amazing young members and a clear growth strategy to assist guide the future of our club

What this means for the club, our young players, and coaches is:

  • Access to the extensive library of Coerver Training material

  • Support from the trained Coerver coaching team to assist our 2024 team coaches plan and implement training (each team will still have a dedicated coach per team)

  • Coach training and development

Operationally, what this will mean for:

Miniroos (u7 - u11) is:

  • The Friday night training will be run under the Coerver program. Coerver will develop a training program that will likely evolve each fortnight

  • That training program will then be issued to team coaches, with guidance and support, for implementation and Coerver coaches will be available to assist setup and implement the planned drills

  • The drills and approach will be considerate of player ages and capability levels, with the ability to up/down scale as needed

Juniors (u12 - u17) is:

  • Training on Thursday night will effectively be a Coerver program (as per Miniroos above), delivered by our 2024 team coaches. Tuesday night will not change and will be team-based coach-led training.

We understand this is a big change to the way we have previously manage the training of our teams, but we are confident this is a great leap forward for our club and we look forward to seeing you around our club in 2024.

Go Coasters!

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