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The Surf Coast FC Academy offers players in our region additional training sessions delivered by qualified and experienced coaches. Sessions are in addition to ‘club team’ training during the season and are designed for players to enhance and further develop their skills. 


During the ‘off season’ the Academy offers players the opportunity to continue their skill progression and development or just get a head start on their training, before everyone else, for the season ahead!


What difference will the Academy make?

Our mission is to help develop the game in the region by providing young players with a solid foundation of core skills that will form the basis of their football playing life. 


The Academy will focus on the key individual player ‘habits’ that lead to more successful football outcomes and a more enjoyable overall football experience. We believe that if we focus on these areas then our players will become better footballers. They are also more likely to remain in the sport for longer.

Our Academy will specifically focus on:


  • Individual ball mastery skills to improve footwork in tight spaces

  • Small sided game scenarios (2v2, 3v3, 4v4 & 5v5) to maximise the number of touches a player has in each session with more opportunities to succeed, make mistakes and learn in a positive environment

  • We will nurture, develop and accelerate a player’s technical and tactical ability to play football by emphasising ‘the habits’ of successful players

  • Homework and home practice and the importance of doing that ‘little bit extra’


Meanwhile, we want to ensure that every player enjoys playing the game while also learning valuable life skills that will help them both on and off the field.

Academy Principles

• To have FUN, always!
• Player centred coaching
• Holistic approach to child development through sport
• Individual player focused
• Objective game based principles
• Research backed methods
• High standards – high level of support
• Outstanding facility and quality equipment

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